Korean Institute of Dental Education and Evaluation(KIDEE) held a seminar series on "Dental Education and Accreditation Before and After COVID-19" to discuss changes with international experts. High-quality seminars are currently in preparation, so we look forward to your continued participation.

[키디세미나#2] 세계의학교육협회와 국제의학교육평가에 대하여 2021-01-20 15:26

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키디 세미나 시리즈 : 코로나19 전후 교육과 인증

KIDEE Seminar Series : Dental Education and Accreditation Before and After Covid-19

회차: 2회차

주제: WFME(World Federation for Medical Education 세계의학교육협회)와 국제의학교육평가에 대하여.

발표자: Professor Ducksun Ahn / Vice-President / WFME

일시: 2021년 01월 20일(수) 17:00 ~ 18:00 (발표 30분(Live), 질의응담 20분)

장소: Zoom을 이용한 온라인