KIDEE was established in 2007 to perform research, development, and evaluation of dental education to improve the quality of dental education and dental services. We aim to enhance national dental health through research on its policies and systems.

To this day, we have made a constant effort to develop dental education and yield tangible results. First, we endeavored to legislate the evaluation and accreditation of education by revising the Higher Education Act and Medical Service Act. In 2015, for the first time, we were designated the authority for the accreditation of dental education by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, we were re-designated after successfully passing the ministry review. For the next five years from 2020, we will do our best as a certified institution of dental education and evaluation. Eleven schools of Dentistry in Korea has been evaluated through two-rounds of periodic assessments and further continuous assessments. In 2019, three schools —Gangneung, Kyunghee, and Chosun University— were evaluated, and five schools—Dankook, Pusan, Seoul, Jeonnam, and Jeonbuk University — are now being evaluated.

We are established to respect the human mind and to lead future-oriented dental education. We are making constant efforts to secure independence as a quality control institution and acquire an international level of expertise. Especially to increase our global presence, we have been working with various countries and international organizations which are related to dental education and evaluation. We try to improve the level of universal dental education through international cooperation.

In December 2019, KIDEE was designated as a designated donation organization by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and now we can receive a designated donation for the development of dental education. We are hoping to expand our projects and research for the development of dental education through the donation. We would like to ask for your kind support.

KIDEE is not an institute which only aims to improve the function of dental professionals. We endeavor to establish the presence of dental professionals for the people. Therefore, we would like to make more efforts to secure medical expertise based on ethics, not just on technological achievements. Through these efforts, we must clarify the role of dentistry to the people and rectify people’s perception of dentistry. To achieve these goals, joint efforts—not only from institutions of dental educations but also from professional associations such as the dental association—are needed. We would be happy to cooperate with everyone interested in dental education. We ask all of you for your active participation and support.

Thank you.

Lee Jae Il, the President of KIDEE